Here is some feedback from just a few of my clients .........

Sleeping problems

1.  "Sleep is essential and Adrienne has helped me to sleep!  I've had very very poor sleep for 20 years...  After only 1 treatment I've already had 2 good nights' sleep!"
Pamela Vaughan, S-O-T


2.  "It seems crazy now that I was so sceptical about reflexology, and the merits thereof. A long standing problem with poor sleep is at last resolved, which enables me to lead a more active and energetic life during my waking hours. I feel more relaxed generally and some unknown ailments have been corrected. I am looking forward to continuing the treatments to make yet more progress."
Mr R.J., Staffs


3..... thank you so much for my treatment yesterday, I gave birth to a lovely baby boy this morning at 8.49am!...... Thank you so much once again....
Mrs L, Stafford


I was in a really low place when I came to see Adrienne and basically the reflexology lifted my spirits and got me back to my normal self.  My mood was extremely low and is now fine, and the reflexology has regulated everything.
Mrs NF, Upper Tean


"I made an appointment to see Adrienne after years of suffering with chronic health problems. I have a stressful job and busy life (as so many of us do these days!) and never found time to switch off which caused sleeping problems. From the very first session with Adrienne, I found her to be professional and a good listener but most importantly, very knowledgeable about reflexology and general wellbeing. The treatment was wonderfully relaxing and in the next few days, I began to see results. My sleep improved immediately and my health problems were significantly reduced. I have continued to have the treatments because I enjoy it so much and all my symptoms have continued to improve.  My experience of reflexology has been very positive and I would encourage others to give it a go.                                                                                                                                       (Mrs C, Stafford)


Bereavement and subsequent sleeping problems

"Following the unexpected death of my husband, followed by the death of my Mother 4 months later, I had experienced several months of poor sleep. I had tried several remedies, sleeping tablets, herbal remedies, relaxation exercises, nothing was working. A friend had purchase a reflexology treatment voucher for me so in desperation I thought I would give it a try, not really feeling confident that it would help. Much to my amazement immediately following the first session I had the best night’s sleep I had had for months. I thought it may have been because I felt so relaxed after the session but I continued to sleep very well every night. I have had follow up sessions since and have not lost any sleep since the first appointment."                   (Mrs S - Blythe Bridge)


"......... Adrienne is an inspiring, knowledgeable, holistic professional with excellent listening skills and the benefits from my sessions have gone beyond my expectations."                                                                                               (Mrs J.W. Stone)


Tired all the time, loss of zest for life

"I was tired constantly and just went to work, ate and slept. My zest for life had vanished. After my trial session with Adrienne, I was instantly energized and friends commented that day on my liveliness. Unbelievable results followed after my first full treatment - my zest was back and I started training for a 10km run! It's early days but I feel so much better, brighter and more fun to be with. Is it my attitude or the treatment? Too much to be coincidence - who cares, give it a go - it's great!"                                                                                 (Mrs L.B., Stone)


"I don't know how, but reflexology works."                                 Mr A.D., Stone

Stress, tired all the time

"I sought Adrienne's help to deal with my low energy levels and to combat stress. I had been feeling generally tired for some time - my get up and go had got up and gone! A nagging low back pain had been gnawing away and I had become very prone to severe headaches. Nothing life threatening or serious, just general everyday wear and tear.
To say that the difference I have felt since my treatment began is phenomenal would be an understatement! I am now bounding with energy again and so much more able to cope with life's stresses and strains.

The treatment is so relaxing that it leaves me feeling wonderfully calm and at ease.

I find it mind blowing that treatment on my feet can give me back my bounce - yet this is exactly what has happened.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Adrienne as an extremely accomplished, professional, Reflexologist who has been instrumental in making a significant difference to my life."  
                                                                            Mrs J.G., Newcastle, Staffs


"...........A big thank you to reflexology, I shall certainly encourage others to try it."

                                                                                                   Mrs B.D., Stone


Work stress leading to bowel urgency, sleep problems etc.

"What can I say....... I recognised I needed to do something..... to help with everyday but particularly work stresses. I enjoyed my job but the workload/challenges were often way too much for me to cope with and I was struggling more and more. It got to the stage where I couldn't think straight; almost panicking felt I was letting my team down etc. Since having reflexology, my job hasn't changed it's still OTT a lot if not all the time, BUT I am able to cope better. I no longer feel physically sick or very rarely. I no longer always go to the toilet three times first thing on a Monday morning. My sleeping patterns have improved dramatically. I feel there is still some way to go but the real me is coming back and I feel generally more positive. If this is as good as it gets, then that will be fine too. I know how crummy I felt and I know how much better I feel now. So thanks Adrienne, as I've said I don't know which aspect has helped, probably a combination of the reflexology, your superb counselling skills? Still slightly sceptical though and can't explain why as above contradicts this statement."
                                                                                          Mrs M.B., Stafford


Adrienne's natural ability brings a wonderful feeling of well-being, a visit which is always looked forward to. Adrienne is extremely professional, but so friendly."

                                                                                                Mrs M.B., Rugeley

General stress

"I have found my treatments to be very relaxing and beneficial and would recommend Adrienne as a professional Reflexologist."

                                                                                        Mrs J.D., Stone


"Very quickly I had a feeling of well being, and was more relaxed than I had been for ages."
                                                                                   Mr D.S., Shipley, Yorks