Before the first treatment, a confidential medical history is taken (with your permission) in order to get as full a picture as possible, and I'll ask what you would like to get from your reflexology. That will help us (you and me) to decide on the right type of treatment for your needs.

Then, while you are comfortably supported in a comfy relaxing chair, I will work the whole of both feet, locating any tender or grainy areas which may indicate where any imbalances lie. I will also incorporate some gentle massage to further encourage deep relaxation.

Most people say that they feel very relaxed and have a good night's sleep after a treatment, but occasionally (normally after just the first one or two treatments) some might need extra trips to the loo, or perhaps feel a little off-colour or tired for a day or two, but this is nothing to worry about at all.  

The number of treatments required varies from person to person.  For those who want a course of treatments for a specific problem, this would normally consist of about 4-6 sessions, but it can be less, and occasionally more. The first 3-4 are usually (but not necessarily) at weekly intervals, after which the sessions can be spaced out more and more. Lots of people then want to continue enjoying reflexology (most people agree it's a wonderful and enjoyable therapy to receive) and therefore like to have maintenance treatments, often about once a month, or at whatever intervals suit them.

Or, if you wish to enjoy Reflexology simply as an enjoyable way to relax, and to give yourself some time out, it is absolutely fine to have sessions as and when you choose. This is a popular choice for many people.

If you'd like a chat about whether it could be for you, with no obligation, please go to the Contacts tab, fill in your details and then send them on to me. I'll be in touch as soon as possible.  Or give me a call on 07939 203033 (mobile) or 01785 816666 (home).

Appointments: Mondays to Thursdays: daytime and evenings.